Sichuan Golden Bud (Chuan Hong) Red Tea

Sichuan Golden Bud (Chuan Hong) Red Tea

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A savory and sweet red tea with a vibrant sweet potato aroma.

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Soft, downy buds, kissed with gold, brew up a rich amber brew that has an unmistakable sweet potato taste and honey aroma; sourced from China's famous Sichuan Province.

Sichuan Golden Bud (Chuan Hong) Red Tea

Taste For Yourself


Sweet Potato, Honey, Buckwheat, Malt.


Brick red with shimmers of golden yellow.


Dark fruits, duck, pork loin, chocolates.


Sourced from Yibin, in Sichuan Province, China. A flavorful region part of the Tibetan plateau. Sichuan is known for producing outstanding Green and yellow teas - such as Gan Lu, and Huang Ya. Their lesser known Red Tea, Sichuan Golden Bud, is an excellent example of what this region has to offer.


Sichuan Province.

Date of Harvest

2017 Spring Pluck
Late April - Early May


Brewing Instructions

How to brew red tea

Chinese Style Brewing (Recommended)

7g tea + 110ml water at 100°C (212°F) per steeping.

  • 1st through 5th Steeping: 3 seconds per steep.

  • 6th through 9th Steeping: 7 seconds per steep.

  • Notes: Use a Gaiwan, or small teacup with saucer on top, to brew.


Brewer's Notes

If possible, brew our teas Chinese Style, using a Gaiwan rather than the Western-style Mug &or teapot. Read how here.

Customer Reviews


We know that the world's most delicious, aromatic and prized tea comes from most remote authentic Terrior regions reaches of China. We also know that Chinese tea is confusing to English speakers, hard to source, and worst of all is often faked for profit. 

Unlike French Wine Terroir regions which have strict Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) governmental requirements, China's Terroir region has no such certifications. Tea suppliers know - and often exploit this - by selling inferior teas which cost pennies in place of rare varietals that fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Ouch.

What Makes Our Tea Special

When we need tea, we go to China and get it. Any tea we order is directly from farmers and producers we have a pre-existing relationship with... so we know it's the real-deal. When you brew from Cass Tea, you are getting the freshest leaf available, directly from legendary Chinese Terroir-specific tea gardens.

Why Cass

We only sell our teas online and direct to you. There's no huge mark ups to cover a physical location, or fancy packaging. Unlike the few other US terroir specific suppliers, we offer no minimum purchases and offer 1g samples so you can try the astounding breadth of authentic tea without investing in bulk buys. We are strongly passionate about real tea, and are overjoyed to share our brew with you.

Buying From Cass

With Cass, buying the world's best loose-leaf tea is simple: like tea should be. We hold no information secret, so you know exactly where we're sourcing from. Every tea we sell includes harvest date, terroir region & map, genuine photos, tasting notes, and brewing information. So rest easy and relax with our vibrant authentic teas. Whether you're a tea expert, or new to the garden, you'll be able to appreciate all of the warming and flavorful benefits of Tea - one sip at a time.


Our Promise

Origin-specific loose leaf teas - so fresh you can taste the mountains.

We will never compromise on freshness or quality, so if you're not 100% satisfied with your order let us know and we'll make it right.


All orders from Cass Tea are sent out within 24 hours along with a FREE mystery 1g sample. FREE Shipping on all orders over $40.