Gong Dao Bei (Fairness Pitcher)

Gong Dao Bei (Fairness Pitcher)


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The Gong Dao Bei (Fairness Pitcher) is used for two purposes.

  • Keeping brews the same strength when using our Gaiwan (Teamaker n°1) & splitting with a friend. (Buy 1.)
  • Brewing green and yellow tea, which requires two open vessels. (Buy 2.)

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Learn more about Gong Dao Bei's by watching our videos:

What is a Gong Dao Bei?

How to Brew Green Tea

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Brewing Instructions

  1. Pour boiling water in to one pitcher.
  2. Pour between both pitchers to warm them up, and cool the water down. (Recommended temp listed on tea.)
  3. Add dry tea leaf to empty pitcher. Give a light shake. Smell the damp leaf. Yum.
  4. Pour hot water over dry leaves.
  5. Steep. (Time listed on tea.)
  6. Strain. (Leave leaves covered in a little water to prevent oxidization between brewing.
  7. Next steeping just pour water over leaves, no need to pre-cool again. (As the water you left cools it down already.)

Cleaning Instructions

Soap. Water. Hand-wash preffered.