Gaiwan (Teamaker n°1)

Gaiwan (Teamaker n°1)


Tea Brewing: Feast for your eyes.

The World's easiest Loose Leaf Tea Brewer.

  • Brew your Favorite Loose leaf tea Faster than using Bagged Tea.

  • Machine Washable, Scratch Free & Wont Rust on You!

  • Double Walled Glass and Thick Porcelain keeps your Tea toasty… not your Fingers.

Your New Favorite Tea Brewer

30 Day “Double Your Money” Back Guarantee. If the Teamaker isn’t your favorite tea brewer, send it back for a full refund and we’ll buy you a new Kettle or Tea Brewer on Amazon up to $45 in value.


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Brewing Instructions

  1. Add a handful of Loose Leaf Tea.

  2. Add hot water.

  3. Use the Lid to immediate drain the Tea into Porcelain cup.


  • Gift-Boxed TeaMaker No. 1.

  • 4 g FREE Mao Feng Green Tea (Hand-sourced by Cass Tea.)

  • 4 g FREE Sweet Dew Green Tea (Hand-sourced by Cass Tea.)