Brewing Green Tea Gift Set

Brewing Green Tea Gift Set


The best way to experience and brew Chinese green tea.

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Our Green Tea brewing kit will help you get the same clear, focused taste out of your Green Tea just like a tea master. Green Tea should be brewed in two open containers at just the right temperature, time and volume.

The clean, minimalistic design of our two included fairness pictures (Gong Dao Bei) will take away your worries with easy to see mL markings so you get it right each time.

Our slate 100% cotton tea towel will prevent spills so you can focus on taste, not mess.

Your Green Tea kit comes with a free 4g of our sweet and delicate Downy Peak (Mao Feng) green tea, which can be steeped three times. There's no better way to christen your kit than with this elegant, healthy, and warm varietal.

What's Included:

  • 2 x GONG DAO BEI - Fairness Pitcher / Brewing Cup, Manual Design.

  • 1 x CHAJIN - Tea Towel, Manual Design.

  • 4g MAO FENG - Green Tea (Included FREE in this set.)

  • Brewing Instructions card.

How to Brew with this kit.

Easy. Just watch our video highlighting this set.

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