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Princeton NJ’s Favorite Tea House

Named one of the 5 Tea Houses to Visit in New Jersey, by NJ Monthly Magazine.

Guided Tea Tastings in Princeton NJ

From China to Our Backyard!

Have a birthday, wedding, bridal shower coming up this spring?

You and your guests will enjoy an entertaining (and delicious) journey…

Through all six categories of traditional Chinese tea over an unforgettable 2 hour tasting,

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Order our Hand-Sourced Loose Leaf Chinese Tea

Sweet Dew (Gan Lu) Green Tea
from 8.00

A sweet and low-astringency green tea with a toasted rice finish.

Ships in 24 hours.

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Downy Peak (Mao Feng) Green Tea
from 3.00

A refreshing green tea with just a hint of cinnamon.

Ships in 24 hours.

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Hand sourced from China, right here in Princeton NJ. See our curated collection of Chinese tea.


What Makes Our Tea So Special?


Real tea comes from one place.


But not just from China, but from preserved Terroir Regions. Terroir is what separates Champagne from sparkling wine. Whiskey from Scotch.

And Tea from "tea."


What is Terroir?

Terroir refers to a specific regions soil, climate, plant age, processing traditions and terrain affect the taste in a tea. 


Is Real Tea Hard to Get?

Real Terroir tea is not found at your organic grocery stores, local tea shop, or big name brands online.

If you want the real stuff, you've got to know somebody.


The best Tea is from Chinese Terrori

Where We Source Our Tea

How to Get Chinese Tea in Princeton New Jersey

Getting the Best Tea to Princeton NJ.

We have no distributors. No partners. No supply chains. 

When we need tea, we follow our patented two step process

  1. Book a flight to China's best Terroir regions.
  2. Go get the tea directly from the farmers.

Small Selection of the Worlds Best Tea

We curate a small collection of the world's best tea right here in New Jersey. We don't sell what we don't drink.

And we're as picky as they come.

Taste for Yourself

Cass Tea offers the worlds' finest and flavorful loose leaf teas from terroir specific regions of China right here in Princeton NJ. We (literally) climb 1000+ meter mountains to hand source and smuggle the tea back in to the states.

Now you can experience the wide of natural & refreshing flavors. Best yet, you can jump in the world of Chinese Teas with our 1g tea sampler, tea gift sets, and authentic Chinese tea sold by the gram.

If you're in Princeton NJ we also offer private tea brewing!

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Red Teas >

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Oolong Teas >

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Puer Teas >

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Green Teas >


Real Tea is Chinese Tea

China is not just the birth place of tea, it's where the best tea is. All of our tea is sourced (like French wine) from historically authentic terroir regions.

But unless you're up for climbing distant mountain tops, real tea is hard to get. We make it easy to buy the best tea online. 

China - and we go there ourselves to get it. All of our tea is sourced (like French wine) from historically authentic terroir regions. Real Terroir Chinese tea is just about as far as the stuff you get at your grocery store as possible. We make sure you’re getting the real stuff, directly from the farmers to your cup. | Cass Tea

Learn About Chinese Tea

Whether you're a seasoned Tea Sommelier, or you're new to the world of authentic tea, we have easy-to-understand articles on Chinese Tea.

Our articles on brewing tips, historical lore, food pairing tips and more will change how you view teas - and give your taste buds a new world to explore. 


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